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Toronto Batman Is Going To Need A Lozenge (And A Shot Of Penicillin) Before The Night Is Done

He Geek She Geek

Batman in the movies tends to get a lot further yelling at people than Toronto Batman does. Toronto Batman does get invited to better parties though.

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Guess who is back

Man it has been a long time since I have written anything but I have got the urge to start writing again. Just give me a few days and everything will be up and running again

Back from my hiauts

Hey guys, sorry for my extended vacation. Life has its ups and downs and I was in a down time, but I am back and ready to start blogging again. So sit back and get ready for the Madblackscientist to get back in the lab! MUAHAHHAHAAH


The new Facebook is

The new Facebook is so blah!!!!! Why do the feel they need to do these unnecessary updates. Its like a bad mix of Google+,Twitter,Myspace and Facebook. I do not like it and I do not think this new design will grow on me. I know I know change is for the better right? Not this time guys, Facebook was good the way it was and I am sure by all the complaints that they have been getting the are seeing that the change was not needed at all. How do you guys feel about the new Facebook layout?

Torn Meniscus =FML

So I have officially torn my Meniscus and this is the worse feeling in my life. I can not do anything! Walking to the bathroom is hard, sleeping is difficult. Did I mention that I have a lot of stairs in my house -_-

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, this is so bad I swear. I never realized how much pain NBA and NFL stars felt when they went down with knee injuries but no I have my first hand experience and believe you me it is not a pleasant one. I will not be steeping on a basketball court for a full year and I am scared to jump as is. I will keep you guys posted on my bitching and moaning.

Up and coming artist Michaela Whipple

ATTENTION:THIS IS NOT JUST ME PLUGGING ONE OF MY FRIENDS!!!!!!!! Michaela is a very young a talented up and coming artist. She is a black girl trapped inside of a white girl’s body but I love her all the same. She is trying to make it in the music biz and I honestly think that she can if she keeps grinding like she has been. Here is a few of her vids so you guys can also become fans!







Bad partnerships

I recently got out of a partnership with my past blog with someone who I thought was my friend but that was not the case at all. He was a back stabber and an all around bad guy be very careful when you get into a business partnership because you never know how that person will turn out through the time you guys spend together as partners. I learned a very valuable life lesson from this.