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Lebron has to win this year

If the Heat do not win the title this year, I do not think Lebron will ever get a ring.I am not in the school of people who thinks he is any less of a player if he does not get one because I never saw him on the Jordan or Kobe level in the first place. He has a lot of natural talent but he just never had that it factor. Lebron James will go down as one of the top 20 players of all time. But when it is all said and done I see him with 1 NBA championship at the most.


5 best NBA players

5. Lebron James: Some people would say this is to high, some people would say this is to low. I think the 5th best player in the league is the perfect spot for”King” James. Lebron still has not done anything to prove that he is better than MJ, or even better than Kobe. If he does not win a ring this year fans will grow to hate him even more than they do right now.

4. Derrick Rose: This guy is a monster, he is super quick, can jump out of the building and is a great teammate. The only thing holding Derrick Rose back is his lack of a jumpshot. Once he gets a consistent jumper he will literally be un-guardable.

3.Kevin Durant: The best scorer I have ever seen in my life. He is so lengthy so you can not block his jumper, he is athletic and he just plays hard every game. Kevin Durant will go down as the greatest scorer in NBA history when its all said and done.

2.Dwyane Wade: The 2nd closest to MJ that we will ever get, Wade just gets it down. What he did in the finals a few years ago was one of the best displays of just flat out balling I have ever witnessed. If Lebron differs to Wade this year instead of jacking up bad shots, the Heat will win the title.

1. Kobe Bryant: The Black Mamba himself is still the baddest man on the planet. Kobe is a fighter, a winner and the greatest Laker of all time. He will win one more title before his career is over and then when he retires we can start the “who is better” debate between him and Jordan.


San Francisco 49ers Superbowl bound?

Are the San Francisco 49ers Superbowl bound this year? I as a died hard 49ers fan hope so. But do they have the firepower? That is the main knock against them. The 49ers are ranked 31st in the NFL when it comes to red zone offense. That is horrendous and not the kind of Red Zone efficiency to win a Superbowl. Or is it?

If you guys recall the Ravens team from a few years ago that won the Superbowl  on the strength of that stingy defense and Trent Dilfer not making big mistakes. The 49ers defense is leading the league in turnovers and has only allowed one rushing touchdown this entire season. There D is solid and with Alex Smith playing mistake free football this team can beat both Green Bay and The Saints. No one thinks this team can win the Superbowl but I for one believe they can do it.

NBA contenders

With the season finally upon us after the lockout here is who I think will be the top 10 contenders to make a run at the title this year.

  1. Dallas Mavericks
  2. Miami Heat
  3. Oklahoma City Thunder
  4. Chicago Bulls
  5. Boston Celtics
  6. San Antonio Spurs
  7. New York Knicks
  8. Orlando Magic
  9. L.A Clippers
  10. Memphis Grizzles.

This is my first impression for the season and I will update this list once every two weeks when the season starts.


San Diego Chargers playoff push

I was born and raised and still reside in San Diego California. The Chargers are my home town,but I am by no means a San Diego Charger fan. Every year the Bolts start out slow and then some how make a late year push for the playoffs. Last year they did not achieve this goal and it seems they will suffer the same fate this season.

Phillip Rivers is having a off year and I know his defensive line is not up to par this year, but his decision making on some of his passes just is not there this year. What the Chargers did to the Ravens last night was what the team looks like when they are actually good. But when they are bad they are horrible. If the Broncos and the Raiders loss there last two games and the Chargers win there next two games, then the Chargers will make the playoffs and might actually make a run for the Superbowl. We will see how this plays out over the next two weeks.

The lighitng rod that is Tim Tebow

My little brother loves to say that Superman wears Tim Tebow underwear. Tim Tebow is one of the most polarizing people I have ever seen in sports. For the good and the bad this kid just makes people want to watch him play. Yes he is not the best QB in the world but he is a great “football” player in general. He is getting a lot of hate thrown his way right now, some he deserves but give the guy some credit. He is winning plain and simple, yes the D plays a big part in it but he is not making any mistakes. I think Tebow is going to lead the Denver Broncos to the playoffs this year and in future years to come.

Week 4 NFL Power Rankings

1. Green Bay Packers: Goes without saying

2. The Detroit Lions: They had a horrible first half against the Vikings but they still pulled it out in the second half.

3.New Orleans Saints: They have no D whatsoever but there offense is amazing and we will see how far Drew Brees arm can take them.

4. New England Patriots: 4 interceptions by Tom Brady is a lot for the Golden Boy but nevertheless they are still a force to be reckon with.

5.Buffalo Bill: I still do not know how I feel about this team yet, but they have shocked the world so far.

6.Baltimore Ravens:My vanilla pick for the top 10.

7.San Diego Chargers: The Chargers put forth yet another lack luster performance.

8.N.Y Jets: In a losing effort against the Raiders but I still like this team.

9.Houston Texans:How did the lose on Sunday?

10.Pittsburgh Steelers: Almost losing to the Colts without Manning was a very ugly site.