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New Avengers Trailer


Now with that being said the new trailer for the Avengers movie has giving me one of the biggest Nedgasm’s of my life. To see all of my favorite childhood comic book heroes on the big screen in what looks to be a very epic movie just brings a tear to my eye. My only problem with the trailer is that I wish the would just show the Skrull already. Other then that this movie is going to be the best movie of my life. I am going to go buy my tickets today and hope in line right now!!!! I am joking but I hope everyone is as amped for this movie as I am. Here is a link to the new trailer…..




New Avengers Trailer

The new Avengers is slated to be release on Itunes this Tuesday. I do not want to see it for the simple fact that I am beyond hype for the movie already and seeing another trailer will just push my hype through the roof. This without a shadow of a doubt will be the movie of the year. Some might think Batman will be but I am just not feeling it. The Avengers appeals to both the comic book fan and casual movie goer alike.


2 new pictures from the Avengers movie

The Iron Man picture is really nothing special but the Thor next to Captain America picture is pretty damn epic.

10 Best movies of 2011

10. X-Men First Class: While this movie did not exactly follow with the “comic book” storyline it was still a good movie nonetheless.

9.Insidious: I am not the type to get super scared at scary movies but this movie really really scared the living daylights out of me.

8.Drive: It was a weird gritty movie but I liked it.

7.Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows: Robert Downy Jr……..nuff said

6.Fast Five: Not a lot of racing action sequences in this one but it still was enjoyable.

5.Thor: I have a comic book bias and this movie was good comic book movie for a comic book fan or not.

4: Captain America the First Avenger:  I was utterly shocked at how good Chris Evans did in this movie. He did an Amazing job portraying Steve Rodgers.

3.Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow Part 2: Great ending to the series.

2.I Saw the Devil: Not a well known movie and if you have not heard of it I highly recommend you go check this one out.

1.The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo: I loved this movie from start to finish and this is hands down the movie of the year.

The Dark Knight Rises trailer

Well it is fairly safe to say that I am pretty hype for this movie……


G.I Joe:Retaliation Trailer and thoughts

I hated the first G.I Joe movie with  passion, with that being said this new movie actually looks like it might be decent. I hope it is a least better than its predecessor. Enjoy!


Men in Black 3

Did they wait to long to release this movie? I don’t know honestly. I was a huge fan of MIB 1 and the second movie was ok I guess,but it has been a very long time since the last Men In Black and I do not feel the buzz like once before.Will people go out to see Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones suit up in the black suit one more time. We will find out soon enough ladies and gents.