Week 4 college football power rankings

1. oklahoma didnt really struggle, just took a minute to get going against mizzou.. ball state next, and as corso says, “ball state, make sure you get that check, before the game”

2. stanford idle.., ucla next my opinion hasnt changed on this one.

3. lsu i said they were gonna jump, and they did.., rolled into morgantown, and showed everyone who is boss, great win.., fast team.., defensively crazy. remember you dont need a great qb to win the national title. kentucky is next.. uh oh cats.., well basketball will start soon enough

4. boise state they beat tulsa, another non ranked opponent. get in to the big 12, they have a spot open. nevada next at home.., and kapernick plays for the 9ers now. blowout coming up

5. oklahoma state great rally to comeback and a very good texas a&m team. kansas next, blowout coming up.

6. south carolina beat an academically superior vanderbilt team.. okay. auburn could be tough this week though. auburn have shown signs that they have read the playbook.

7. alabama i almost had ‘bama jumping a spot this week as well, but that arkansas team just isnt that good.., so south carolina & ‘bama stay put.. i really like the florida match up this week, should be a very exciting game.

8 oregon smoked my cats, james set a school rushing record with nearly 300 yards on the ground.., this team is good, and the cats are bad. next cal, on next thursday night. it wont be close.

9. wisconsin had a glorified scrimmage against south dakota, in which usd cashed a sizable check. a much better opponent this week, in nebraska. its a toss up.

10. nebraska took care of wyoming.., big game against no.9 wisconsin, in madison, this week.., a real test for a team with legit hopes of a big 10 (12, 15) title.

11. florida downed kentucky, bama this week. i dont see the winnning, but if they can hang around.., and stay physically competitive.., they can sneak away with a win. they are home so.. should i call upset here.., yeah upset alert. i need to go out on a limb occasionally.

12. south florida handled utep easily.., they play football in el paso, i only know el paso for the movie glory road, and the weak ass salsa. at pitt this weak, and if they are any real threat to win the big east, they will win this game.

lucky 13. virginia tech beat marshall this week in a non conference affair.., doesnt get any easier with clemson this week. they are at home though, and clemson may have a let down, on the other hand, clemson may be riding high, and ride that into another win on saturday.

i will be on a short holiday this week, but i will try to get the rankings out..
see ya, next week

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