Twitter in Sports

  Twitter is a world wide phenomenon. Millions of people tweet daily around the world about random things happening in there everyday life’s, things ranging from “I tripped down the stairs”, to “My mom is a dirty whore” <—–Yes I have seen this before. With that being said who does the social network Twitter affect celebrities. We see singers like Chris Brown get in deeper trouble from his tweets and then take them down immediately and a number of actors and actress in the same predicament.

Athletes like Ocho Cinco, and Shaq and Shaun Phillips have taken to Twitter and blown up. Ocho Cinco is known by us football fans for his on and off the field antics, but now he is known world wide for his tweets…….some even while the game is going on. So what kind of weight does Twitter hold in athletics? To me it would seem as though Twitter is a big part of sports now and it will be for at least the next 5 years. Twitter gives athletes the opportunity to “trash talk” without being face to face. This is a double edged sword of course. With the positive usually comes the negative and the negative is usually manifested in the form of hefty fines. Twitter is a fun innovative social network that most people use. But athletes should start being a little more conscious of what they are saying out in the public eye.


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