Still havent bought Gears of Wars 3

Ughhhhhhhhhhhh, Still have not got a chance to buy Gears of War 3 and it is killing me. I have to wait till Sunday to buy a copy of the game and everyone is ahead of the curve now. I will be starting the storyline. As you know from my previous post I tore my meniscus this week so I had to pay doctor fees which took away from my Gears of War 3 money. I could go play at other people’s houses I guess but that takes away from my own personal experience. Soon guys, soon I will have it and my life will be complete (Until The new Call Of Duty Comes out that is). From what I have been hearing Gears of War 3 is an amazing game on the online play is just has good as story mode. I will have it Sunday and have a review out by next Friday.Stay Tuned.


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