Week 3 NFL power rankings

10. San Diego Chargers: They can never beat the Patriots but this Sunday they beat themselves, turnovers lost that game for them but they have a soft schedule so they should be just fine.

9.Atlanta Falcons: They might have lost that game had Mike Vick not got hurt, but they still looked pretty good nonetheless.

8. Chicago Bears: Will the offensive line ever protect Cutler? I mean they might be a really good team if he could ever get some damn protection.

7.Detroit Lion: Be afraid…….be very afraid of the Detroit defense this year.

6.Pittsburgh Steelers: I think we can all agree that the week one loss the had was an anomaly.

5. Baltimore Ravens: Just had a hangover from there win over Pitt.

4.Houston Texans: The keep winning without Foster which is a very good sign indeed.

3.New York Jets: When they play the Chargers in a few weeks we will get a good judgment of them.

2.Green Bay Packers: They struggle a little against Cam Newton and the Panthers but they still pulled it out.

1.New England Patriots: They looked really good against the Chargers, they have so many weapons on offense. They will be really hard to beat this year.



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