Week 3 college football rankings

1. oklahoma still number 1 after handling the ‘noles on the road. looking good going ahead. dont have a hiccup against mizzou.

2. stanford easily dealt with the ‘Cats.. (my cats, yeah i went to school there).. ucla next (2wks), easy win… ucla, is just that bad, you may see the second team qb in for this one.

3. boise st. handled toledo easily friday night.., they have tulsa next.., should some out in top easily. now tell me again why the broncos opted to go to the mountain west, as opposed to the big 12 (which needs teams).. hello, anyone there ?

4. lsu manhandled miss st thursday.. almost enough that i was gonna have lsu jump boise.., another game like that on defense, and they will. if you aren’t scared, you should be. im gonna put my wallet in my sock just in case. oh yeah west virginia next

5. texas a&m easily took care of idaho, as i stated. okie state this week.., much more on the line.

6.okie state handled tulsa, i think the game ended at 5am locally due to a weather delay.. this is the game of the week for me..(see above)

7.south carolina able to contain that navy attack.. its tougher than you think, going against an unconventional offense for one week.., they hung on though.. good win anyway you slice it.
they have Vanderbilt, this week. shouldnt not have the slightest of let downs.., spurrier should definitely be able to get in the 2nd team qb here.

8. alabama you stay where you are, you played north texas. no bonus points for that.. they get warmed over, leftovers from rice university.. next up, the hogs of arkansas. should win.. we will see

9.wisconsin northern illinois really..well, like ‘bama.., no bonus points here.. but you look good. i have to admit that much. next opponent, south dakota, you may go down in the rankings even with a win.

10. oregon they move back into the top ten by virtue of ohio state loss.., starting to get there legs back playing some some subpar talentwise teams…, next what ?! my Cats.. damn, 3 game slide coming up for arizona, unless they change the start time to noon. but i dont know if that will even help. oregon big this week

11. nebraska dealt with washington, though i think they may have given up a few too many points. they have wyoming this week.., dont think there will be an upset here. nebraska is just better..

12. florida state alot went wrong for the noles, when they played oklahoma, but they have a very good football team, and hung in that game. the defense is legit. just need to score more.. we will have to see if manuel can come back from the shoulder bruise.., they have clemson this week. and dont be fooled, clemson can get up for big games, just did they use it all last week against auburn.

lucky 13. florida.. yep florida.., they dont like they used to. that doesnt mean they arent good though. they have kentucky this week, kentucky wouldnt have a chance if tim couch came back..

see ya, next week..,

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