Mayweather vs Ortiz rant

I waited for a few days after the fight to rant about this fight. I for one have never been a Floyd fan and do not care much for him as a person……..with that being said I for one have no one problem with what he did to win the fight. Ortiz for one headbutted him for no reason at all and then on top of that he kissed him. He then kept trying to apologize over and over again even after the ref had separated them.  Mayweather most likely would have won the fight anyways seeing as how Ortiz was already getting irritated )as you can tell via the headbutt) Was he it cheap move? Yes. But one cheap move deserves another does it not? On top of that it is boxing never walk up to another fighter with your hands down plain and simple, it was not a smart move by Ortiz but he is young so this is a good learning experience from a veteran fighter.

3 responses to “Mayweather vs Ortiz rant

  1. Feeling you on the post my man. I gave my two cents on the fight earlier tonight as well…

  2. Thanks man yea the fight was Ortiz’s own fault

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