Week 2 College football rankings

1. Oklahoma: Idle last week but big game this weekend against the Seminoles.

2. Stanford: They smoked Duke in the “smart kid bowl” last week, on the road against Arizona this week. Could end up no. 1 in the poll next week.

3. Boise St. Idle last week, this week scrimmage against Toledo.

4.LSU: Smoked NW State of Louisiana, gonna be tested a bit against a feisty Mississippi State Bulldog team looking to bounce back. They should come out on top though.

5. Florida St: Glorified scrimmage against charlston southern. Have a test with Oklahoma this week.

6. Texas A&M: Idle last week,should handle Idaho easily this week.

7.Oklahoma State: They took care of the ‘Cats easy last week, have in state game with Tulsa this week. Could rise in the polls signifigantly this week.

8. South Carolina: Solid win against a young, but feisty Georgia team. Have a tough opponent this week, with Navy.

9. Alabama: Smoked Penn State last week, expected. North Texas this week, but i’m still not on board.

10. Wisconsin: Shut out Oregon State Last week, North Illinois this week.

11. Ohio State: They held on to last week against Toledo, gets very interesting this week against ‘the U’

12. Oregon: They handled nevada easily, should handle Missouri State just easily this week.

Lucky 13 is………

Nebraska is at lucky 13 looking to beat up on a young Washington Huskies team this week

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