NFL Power Rankings

10. San Diego Chargers: I put them this low because we all know that the Chargers always starts this low.

9.Houston Texans: The have a lot of potential and it all stems on the running ability of Foster and the Hands of Johnson.

8. Philadelphia Eagles: I know everyone has them winning it all this year but we will have to wait and see. Dream teams never go all the way.

7.Minnesota Vikings : This is my sleeper team for this year, Adrian Peterson plus Mcnabb is going to be a great combo.

6.Dallas Cowboys: They finished the season really strong last year after switching coaches and I think they will pick up right were they left off.

5. New York Jets: The have a solid D and if there offensive with the addition of Plaxico Buress helps the will be really good this year.

4. Atlanta Falcons: This was my team to win it all this year and they still have a great chance to do it again this year.

3. New England Patriots: The Pats picked up Ocho Cinco and Albert so with those two additions maybe they can actually win a playoff game this year.

2.Pittsburgh Steelers: This is a very vanilla pic but they are always good.

1.Green Bay Packers: The will repeat this year, Mark my words!!!!!!

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