After week 1 of college football……

1. Oklahoma solid performance, easy win. What else did you expect.

2. Stanford victory of San Jose st., expected. Why does San Jose state have a team ?

3. Boise St. solid victory, the Broncos are always solid.

4. LSU solid performance against a quality opp., way to take advantage of errors, and turnovers (i know I was wrong on this game, its noted)

5. Florida St. good solid win over UL-Monroe..season has now started.

6. Texas A&M expected win over SMU.

7. Okla St. victory over UL-Lafayette, okay..oh wait that counts, hope you had the over.

8. So. Carolina beat East Carolina, oh yeah Marcus is for real.

9. Alabama……Kent ST., thanks for giving us a little bit of opposition.

10. Wisconsin good mix of run/pass. unlv, check if Randall Cunningham has any eligibility left…, no really.

11. Ohio St. did what they had to do to get the win, looked very focused.

12. Oregon too many mistakes, looks almost exactly like their opener against Boise some yrs back.

Nebraska stays at lucky 13, they played Chattanooga..w/o to, even if to was still there, they wouldnt have a chance


2 responses to “After week 1 of college football……

  1. I give LSU props, but I’m still not a believer. I think Oregon gave that game away with turnovers.

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