The DC 52 IS UPON US!!!

Today is the release day of the DC 52. For those of you who do not know, DC decided to reboot a large number of there core story lines including but not limited to the following: Batman,Superman,Supergirl,Batman and Robin, Batman The Dark Knight,Green Lantern, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow,Aquaman and The Justice League. This is not the full list but as you can see this is most of the DC heavy hitters.

My initial thought was this is going to suck. But I think I have pulled a complete and utter turn around on this. I love comics guys I do, but when it comes to me picking between Marvel and DC, I WILL ALWAYS PICK MARVEL!!!!. I am hoping and praying to the comic book writer God’s that this reboot sparks my interest in DC characters a little more. I will be collecting a large number of these comics for the initial year to see If I actually like any of them and just go from there. I am looking forward to later today to get my hands on these guys and I hope I hear what you guys think of these new series as well.


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