My love for “mixtapes”

I am literally starting to fall in love with mixtapes. My itunes library is now comprised with over 12,000 songs and I would say that over 60% of the songs are from mixtapes. I mean I have always known about mixtapes becaause I have always had a strong passion for music even though I can not sing,rap or play an instrument at all. Music will always be near and dear to my heart.

Enough with the emo stuff lets talk about mixtapes shall we. It seems to me that mixtapes are now 100% better than studio release albums now. Artist put forth more effort and dedication into mixtapes than they do in studio release albums. Mixtapes are not made overly commercial either. A lot of studio albums are not the product that the artist actually love. Take Lupe Fiasco for example. He does not like his new album “Lasers”. He feels that it is a watered down product and that it is not his best work. But if you listen to the mixtape he release last year before “Lasers”, you can clearly hear the difference.

Another example is Lil Wayne. Weezy has but out a lot of mixtapes and most of them are amazing (THIS IS COMING FROM A NONE LIL WAYNE FAN BY THE WAY). On one of Jay-z songs he says he wish he could give a verse to the “Mixtape Weezy”, which is basically Jay-z saying that the mixtape Lil Wayne is way better than the studio version of the artist.

Over the next 10 weeks I will release a list of what I believe to be the best Mixtapes of this year so far. So stay tuned guys and be ready to go download and hear some good music.


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