..preseason super 12 (bottom 6)

7. South Carolina

Yeah I said it.But they have Garcia back, for his 9th year  (modern day art schlister, in re: to he seems to have been at So.Carolina for ever, not gambling) Lattimore is back for his sophomore campaign. Receivers  look decent. The only ? I have is the rs frosh playing on the line.., defense is upper class men heavy, which can’t hurt in the sec.

8 Texas A&M

Upper class men heavy, everywhere. that’s the only reason they are this high. Okie state on 9/24 will be the test though.., they win that, they should get thru big 12 minus 2, with one loss (Oklahoma) should be enough for a bcs bid right ?

9 Alabama
Similar situation to Ohio state, a very, very solid team surrounding a young, unproven qb..But with that that its all good. I have them low because someone in the SEC is going to have to stop the Trent Richardson show, before it gains full steam. if not Bama is going undefeated.. you heard it here first.. and looking at there schedule i will jump them up a few spots..

10 LSU
There is alot to talk about now, since half the team went all UFC in the club. but i digress, alot of games played on offense, which is a good thing. Senior qb in Jefferson, very good, but Jefferson has never really impressed me. Anyways the defense is young on the line.., the linebackers have two seniors to lead the way, but if that line does not hold true, they are going to have offensive lineman going next level..squashing them.., and opposing SEC rbs, are going to be going one on one with safety’s and others in a young secondary. if you are asking why are they this low in the preseason rankings…, its because they lose there first game, against Oregon.. your welcome.
Last note, Les Miles, will lose the games this year, that he lucked into winning last year.., law of averages.

11 Wisconsin
With the NC State transfer, Russell Wilson, now taking over the helm at Wisconsin, the situation looks a whole lot better. Wilson will start immediately because he graduated from NC State, and has a year of eligibility left, see Jeremiah Masoli last year. So now Wisconsin has a legit passing threat, in addition to it’s run game, which is always above board. I think Wisconsin is my team to take the big 10.., but i have to see them play, i cant give them a higher ranking, purely on speculation.

12 Ohio state
I start this as i started the last, why is Ohio State so low… one word, quarterback. yes, he is a senior, but he is not Terrelle Pryor. this could actually be a good thing (remember Craig Krenzel). this team actually has that type of feel to me. solid everywhere, offensively and defensively. As long as Bauserman can run the show, Krenzel-like. the Buckeyes should be fine. Trouble looms in Miami, and Nebraska..two big road games, but getting through those, and you will see said buckeyes in another BCS game, pending NCAA investigation.

lucky 13 Nebraska
Taylor Martinez is legit.., and i like how he runs the spread read. I wish he would throw just a touch more.., but the young man can play. there are some young spots in the offense, and receiver. But they should get up to speed fairly quickly. Defense is what this team is going to be built on though. there is a good amount of game time on that side of the ball. And with Pelini, cooking stuff up.., they will be solid.., i think they have a real outside chance at taking the big 10 as well.., yeah i said it. Nebraska vs Wisconsin big 10 title game, yeah i said that too.

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