Anne Hathaway deserves a chance to play Catwoman!

How many of us did not give Heath Ledger a chance when we heard he would be playing the Joker? How many of us said he would suck and he could not play the role? To answer your question a large majority of us said this………….and we were dead wrong. Heath could not of done a better job playing the Joker and who would of guessed it? None of us obviously. For this exact reason is why we should lay of the Anne Hathaway bashing and give her a chance or at least let some more pictures be released first. I am thinking in the pic we have she is not even Catwoman yet, she is most likely Selina Kyle who is just a burglar wearing a costume. Much like Batman in the first movie I am sure she will not fully transform into Catwoman until the end of the movie. Lets give her a chance ladies and gents……maybe she will do just as good a job as Heath.


4 responses to “Anne Hathaway deserves a chance to play Catwoman!

  1. I agree with you completely. Sometimes we need to just let things happen before we start making assumptions. I, for one, am excited for this final installment of The Dark Knight and thrilled to see someone like Anne Hathaway step away from her more traditional roles and try something different.

  2. I’m onboard with giving her a chance. People are too quick to crap all over everything anymore instead of giving it a chance.

    I’ll be honest when I heard Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker I didn’t know how it would turn out however I decided to trust Christopher Nolan. I did, and was blown away by his movie. If there’s one thing to do, its trust Christopher Nolan he won’t let us down and his Catwoman will be awesome I bet.

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