Fear itself disappointment

Fear Itself had so much potential in my eyes when first hearing about this Marvel story Arc. We are now 5 issues in and still we have nothing to show for it. Nothing of importance has really happened besides the unnecessary death of Bucky. Odin is now officially a jerk and a character I think we are all starting to hate. The hammers sent out are ok but not the best thing ever. We shall see how this ends but so far it is not looking to good.


2 responses to “Fear itself disappointment

  1. I’m definitely going to agree with you there. I don’t know what’s so hard about writing a big, full, enjoyable event comic. I think the writers might be stuck having to be so general, since specific stuff will be handled in tie-ins. But so far we basically just get a Big Bad Guy come to destroy the world with his bad guy henchmen. The stakes don’t seem as high as Marvel wants us to believe.

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