.preseason super 12 (this is the top 6)

1. Oklahoma
I like landry jones.., the o line is decent…, the defense is very solid, which is a rarity in the big 12

Do i really have to say anything.. they have a lot coming back from the team that almost won it last year.. young center on the o line.., but hey we will see. defense should be okay.., though they will be on the field a lot, being the offense scores often, and quickly. will anyone be able to match there tempo..? doubt it

3. Stanford.
everyone knows about the future redskin andrew luck. so one or two untested spots on the line. look for a lot of two tight end sets, with toilolo coming back from injury. defense is going to be solid. if they played usc at the coliseum this year.., i would take ‘em buy 2 td’s today.., really

4.Boise st.
new conference.., but really its a lateral move. i still dont understand why they didn’t try to get into the big 12. expect more of the same from boise state.. there will be some new faces on the offense, but these kids are ready. defense loses winterswyk, and others, but they should be fine.. they need to move to the big 12. because the mountain west is a joke

5.Florida State
offense very upper classmen heavy, but not a lot of starts. i think the second year under jimbo fisher will make the world of difference. defense looks solid, some questions in the linebacking core…, but hey its fsu.., i think this may be a darkhorse candidate for a national title. yeah, i said it.. if they get past oklahoma, its some sailing to florida.. the acc is a joke, top to botm..

6. okie state
a lot coming back on offense.., blackmon and tweeden will be hooking up consistently this year. two things make me wary of this team. first, defense has holes everywhere, not a lot of starts, or game experience. second, there is a rumor that tweeden is trying to teach the new oc, the offense, since they are using the same offense as last year, but holgrosen is gone to west virginia.


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